Another project for Gerhard Cruywagen at Greenhouse Cartoons (2018)

Participated with Keegan Thornhill in animating popular music video for Marshmellow (2018)

I'm very proud to have been involved with this animation with Gerhard Cruywagen's Greenhouse Cartoons  highlighting a serious threat to our coast and marine life (2017). 

Explainer video for a company called Origin Systems in 2014, mostly motion graphics with limited animation. I drew the characters and most of the props (animated it in Toon Boom Animate Pro 2)

A more recent educational video with much more animation done in 2016 for Maropeng, the visitor center at the Sterkfontein caves, shedding some light on the way fossils develop. Characters designed by Matt Torode of Tincup (animated it in Toon Boom Animate Pro 2) 

Motion graphics for Graphic Mail, an email ad company, 2013 with characters I designed (animated in Toon Boom Animate Pro 2, effects done with Adobe After Effects) 

An explainer video with limited animation done in Toonboom importing  Adobe Illustrater vector drawings

A resources video made for employees giving tips on how to be more productive. Animated using Toon Boom Animate Pro2 employing character rigs to produce the walk cycles 

A funny for Gerhard Engelbrecht at Greenhouse :)